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SolPark collection consists of celebrities, historical figures and random characters from all around the world and beyond. The main utility of our project is gaming platform which will benefit all the holders.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 5
  • Collection supply: 4444
  • Floor price: 1.50SOL
  • View on Marketplace: SolPark


Community Raffles
We do a lot of giveaways, raffles and contests on our Twitter and Discord. The prizes for the winners include WL spots, NFTs, money or even a chance to be drawn by our artist and become one of the characters in our collection.

Launchpad provider
Super efficient and safe sale will be carried out on one of the leading websites offering “Launchpad” services. We guarantee it will be one of the leaders in the solana network.

Gaming platform development
The gaming platform is a flagship of our plan. It will include interesting games of chance generating income that will be shared with the holders. It will be available 2 days after the mint.

Listing on secondary market
You will be able to trade SolPark NFT on Magic Eden and Open Sea! This will be released soon after our launch.

Royalties and income payouts
DAPP will distribute 50% of royalties and 40% of the gaming platform profits among the SolPark holders.

- All of our SolPark NFT holders will be required to go through a verification process on our discord server in order to claim their prizes.
- Charts are going to be available to you on the website.
- You will be able to check your NFT’s rarity using rarity tool

Token launch
We plan to create our $PARK token and pair it with Solana to make it possible for you to cash out the staking rewards. Our community members will be able to trade our token for Solana.

Staking pool
You will be able to get our $PARK token by staking our NFTs

We will have a special system for conducting auctions in which our holders will be able to auction various prizes using our token.

We are going to implement breeding into our project.
Owners of a pair of NFTs with the right traits will be able to generate a new baby NFT.

DAO Launch
SolPark's decentralized autonomous organization will be a place where kids from SolPark will decide about the future of the project and discuss many more things we can not tell you about becau




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