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Space Apes Moon Club

Space Apes Moon Club is a collection of 10,000 Apes living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These Apes have been lost, floating around in space for years. These Apes need your help getting them back home. So join us, and help get these Apes back home. Apes to the moonπŸš€πŸ’ 5% of all minting sales will go straight to, a sanctuary to help apes live the happiest of lives and help alleviate any pain they may have.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 80
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.03ETH
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Utilities :
5% of all minting sales will go straight to a charity for apes to live a happy, long, pain free life (
Holders can receive free SAMCT Cryptocurrency
Holders get FREE new Tokens and NFTs when created
Holders will get the first 3,000 3D Space Ape Moon Club NFTs when dropped
Community members have chances to win free SAMCT and other drops
Special access to other investors, celebrities, and many more connections
Special events & giveaways
Holders get dibs on all new drops (Merch, NFTs, Crypto, etc)

Future plans :
Releasing a 3D Space Apes Moon Club Collection (Metaverse?)
New and improved Utility Tokens
Play to earn SAMC Game
More giveaways and prizes for our community and holders to snatch
Community events to raise money for Apes in need
Other community driven events
Mutant SAMC NFT's & Mutant 3D SAMC NFT's




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