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Superlative Doodle Kongz

A collection of 4444 Superlative Doodle Kongz. After their world was destroyed by a massive falling rainbow and their planet became a colorful wasteland the Superlative Doodle Kongz took shelter in the etherium blockchain. Their pets are arriving in a separate trip that fell behind, but rest assured they are on their way! MINT HERE TODAY -

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1- Pre-Mint (first 150) April 8th
2- WL (1500) April 20th
3- In intervals of 1000 minted we will be donating to various charities voted on by the community. The first one will be the American Cancer Society because it has a very special place in my heart. The remaining will be voted on by the community and the transctions of the donations will be posted on Twitter for everyone to see.
4- Introduce our Celebs and marketing strategy moving forward (Getting on every NFT website)
5- Official Launch Date (Remainder of 4444) August 20th
6- Art work will be revealed on August 22nd
7- Pets announced. All holders hodling 5 or more will receive 1 Free pet. Pets will be available for minting on September 20th.
8- Serums will be given free to anyone who minted and is currently hodling. Serums will be avaible to mint October 20th.
9- Mutants will be available October 29th
10- The community will decide on the V2 roadmap (This is your project, we are here to carry out what the community wants to do)
9- The Nintendo game will be started (licensing and copy right paperwork) Game SHOULD be available by March 20th 2023. Your SDKZ will be the character in the game.
10- Staking will be introduced and brought to life Jan 20th 2023.
11- Giveaways. We will hosting games for giveaways of up to 5eth per game.
12- IF we hit a 5eth floor we will be hosting a completely paid for week vacation to a place that the community votes on. Kongz meet Kongz.




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