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Tiny Tree Collection

Tiny Tree Collection offers 5000 unique Nfts, but you already knew that. What does everybody on this planet want? to have the ability to give back without losing anything. And with TTC leading the charge, you can now give back and not only lose nothing but gain something in the process. 15% of all PROFITS will be donated to environmental charities. That's our mission and we will build a community that will stop at nothing to give a little back to the world.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 105
  • Collection supply: 5000
  • Floor price: 0ETH
  • View on Marketplace: Tiny Tree Collection


10% sold – We get out of debt

20% sold – Charity donation

40% – 4 Legendary NFTs airdropped to holders

60% – Tiny Sea creation begins

80% – Charity donation

90% – 5 Legendary NFTs airdropped to holders

100% – Future project teaser




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