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Titan Dogs

Titan Dogs - A collection of a 1,000 unique characters playable in an upcoming 2d collaborative play2earn game.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 14
  • Collection supply: 1000
  • Floor price: 0.25SOL
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Q1 2022

Prototype phase.
- Minting launch.
- Dog DAO functionalities (proposals and voting)
- Off-chain game prototype playable by NFT holders.
- Prototype iteration based on DAO members feedback.

Q2 2022

Alpha phase.
- On-chain game prototype for NFT holders.
- Implementation of Dog DAO proposals.
- Starting weekly game campaign.
- Launch of Titan Dog's own token.
- First in-game token rewards.

Q3 2022

Beta phase.
- Adding maps.
- Debugging and polishing existing features.
- Improving campaign flow and events.

Q4 2022

Cutom Titan feature.
- New Titan part NFTs minted.
- In-game Titan part drop to weekly survivors.
- Launch of the website marketplace for trading.
- Opening creative Titan part proposals to the DAO.

Q1 2023

Opening up to new players.
- Titan rental feature through the marketplace.
- NFT multiverse united. Allowing holders of any NFT on SOL to buy/rent an empty Titan an equip their NFT as pilot to participate in a multiverse weekly campaign.
- Launching a free-to-play option. Asymmetric gameplay without Titan on start.




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