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Urban Uprise Crew

The Urban Uprise Crew (UUC) provides PFP holders one free mint to an upcoming Urban Uprise Metaverse City. The UU City will start with the creation of 5 residential buildings called the Metaversal Towers. Each tower has 50 floors with 4 rooms per floor. Each room is a virtual web3 experience and PFP holder will be able to mint a room at random. Room owners can customize their units, display/sell NFTs, and host LIVE gatherings with friends and followers. Each unit and building as a whole will receive token rewards for NFT sales and other gamified settings. Tokens can be redeemed through merch, DAO governance, unit/furniture upgrades, and also access to IRL events/NFT exhibits.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 217
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.06ETH
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Q2 2022 - Created 10K PFPs - Live on OpenSea
Q3 2022 - 50% of PFPs sold - Development of UU City's Metaversal Towers
Q3 2022 - 100% of PFPs sold - Launch of UU City Metaversal Towers
Q4 2022 - Official Mint of UU City real estate properties (rooms)
Q1 2023 - Launch of the UUC Global Gallery
Q1 2023 - Launch of UUC DAO for governance
Q2 2023 - First IRL event and NFT exhibit




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