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The Vip Cat Club is a collection of 10,000 unique cat NFTs (unique digital collectibles on the blockchain). Your Vip Cat Club NFT serves as your membership card and grants you access to exclusive member benefits, the first being a special social network, where only the NFT owners can post, more benefits will come with time. Our goal is to create a unique community of influential and powerful people.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 130
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.02ETH
  • View on Marketplace: VIP Cat Club


COMMUNITY WALLET- Creation of community wallet set aside specifically for the continuation and development of the VIP Cat Club project. As well as 15% of the secondary market royalty sales to continue to fund the project after the minting process is over. This will be used to carry out our project ideas and help the VCC brand to expand exponentially as the team dedicates 100% of their time for the long-term success of the Club.

MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS - Prizes for the monthly giveaway will include items and garments from your favorite luxury brands as well as tickets/access to the hottest events.

$VCC TOKEN - We will introduce the $VCC token integration into our universe. Where VCC holders can yield the $VCC token daily just by holding your VCC NFT's in your wallet. This token will be very important in our economy as they will be used to claim benefits such as the second Collection and some prizes.

METAVERSE- Quickly after the sellout of VCC NFTs we will purchase our World and fully integrate into the NFT Worlds Metaverse. We will have hold a vote within our community to help us choose and decide on the specific World we want to be building on. After our World is chosen, we begin our buildout of the VCC community mansion as well as the complete buildout of the entirety of Vipverse for our community to experience in the metaverse. Choosing NFT Worlds gives us the most solid and ready to use platform where we can quickly build and push forward. Not only will the integration into NFT Worlds be swift but it will also give our members a chance to yield $WRLD token by participating in any games or events held in the metaverse as well as passively. In conjunction with this we will immediately begin the development and creation of your Voxel VCC avatars for full integration into NFT Worlds for our users.

MARKETING/COLLABS- After sellout we begin a heavy marketing campaign for our VCC brand. As well as expand and begin to work in collaboration with highly established ...




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