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VXLmasterpiece is an NFT art project stored on the Polygon network in the OpenSea Marketplace and consisting of 1,000 masterpieces by 50 of the greatest artists of Western Painting from the late 14th to mid 20th century carefully three-dimensionally voxelized to add relief and depth to each of the pieces. Rarity is linked to the artistic, historical and popularity relevance of each work and author. In addition to the presentation format (.PNG), each NFT has 3 additional files, (.GBL) for any augmented reality applications, galleries and metaverses, (.GLTF) to implement them in your own metaverses in Unreal, and (.VOX) To eventually use a VXLmasterpiece as a work of art on your walls and facades of The Sandbox metaverse.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 1
  • Collection supply: 1000
  • Floor price: 0.1ETH
  • View on Marketplace: VXLmasterpiece


* Our Mindmap, is simple and concrete... due to the multiple applications of our VXLmasterpieces, the number one utility for our Holders is immediate.
* Our number 2 utility, is based on the evolution of our works with respect to technology over time, and it is specifically, the necessary updates in the future, so, that our holders, can enjoy their VXL masterpieces, on each platform and metaverse.

* Our goal, through the VXLmasterpiece project, is to create a powerful community, of both digital and physical artists and collectors in the metaverse... and to this end, as soon as fifty percent of the collection is sold, we will build a gallery in The Sandbox Metaverse... This naturally becomes utility three, since our holders will have immediate access.

* Utility number four, is exclusive access to events, launches and promotions in the gallery for our holders




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