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WYC is a completely Made In Italy project, with each watch, detail, and background being completely hand drawn and pop-art themed. This means that any piece of the collection is unique. The project aims to foster a community in the NFT space of luxury and watch enthusiasts. We aim to reward the investors with possibilities to explore their passion in the real world too.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 400
  • Collection supply: 200
  • Floor price: 1SOL
  • View on Marketplace: WatchYourCrypto


Throughout the selling process, we will be giving back to the community based on percentages of sold assets:

25% - 50 NFT Repair Kit Airdropped to random holders & in the secondary marketplace

50% - Live extraction of 75 Physical hand-signed Poster Winners and of the 10 luxury events tickets and giveaway of 5 sol

75% - 20% of proceeds kept in a wallet to reinvest in community chosen projects & marketplace opening

100% - Presentation of our second bigger and better collection, and all the new advantages it will come with!!!




5 people


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